About Pavliani4rest

It all started from a sudden trip of a family to Pauliani at the end of August.
Everyone was enchanted by the beauties of this special village, a quiet well-kept welcoming and artistic village shaped by its inhabitants themselves.

The nature of Pauliani is able to enchant young and old, the imposing firs are the star of the forest, giving the visitor a fantastic peaceful sight.

 When they ascended the throne of Zeus for the first time, they understood that this place was and is the village that their children will call their own.

It’s not just the view from up there, it’s the whole route one needs to travel to get to that destination.

Colorful swings , wooden bridges that pass over the crystal clear rivers, poems in every part of the forest that take you on a journey.

This won them, the magic that the inhabitants of Pauliana have created.

The forest does not leave you, and every moment of the walk you look forward to seeing what will enchant you in your next steps, adults become children and children are left to the freedom that nature provides.

 So they understood that this is their village.

Within a year, with much love and impatience, they created four houses – cabins, with the aim of making the travelers – visitors feel what they themselves felt about Pauliani.

At Pavliani4rest we guarantee to offer you an impeccable service that will satisfy your every need in order to experience from the very first moment an unprecedented feeling of calmness, comfort and warmth.